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School is going to have DC(6) assessed, what could this be?

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jaws5 Fri 27-Sep-13 18:51:20

Just started year 2 and they are concerned that his work is lacking. He almost refuses to do written work and when he does is not great, very scarce, atrocious spelling, etc. Also, he's not paying attention in class. He has very good friends, and socially he's ok. His vocabulary is excellent, so is his reading comprehension when we read to him. His levels were ok in Y1, 1A for reading and maths, 1B for writing and being summer born I was pleased. We had some minor behaviour issues in Y1, and a teacher told me that he's a bit eccentric in general, obsessed about drawing and he was placed in the G&T Register in Nursery or Reception for his art. He has an incredible memory for pictures and draws buildings from memory, he also knows a lot of facts about what interests him: Space, volcanoes, castles... to us he seems a very bright, original little boy. I am very pleased they are going to investigate so help can be provided if necessary, but I feel apprehension too. Could this be dyslexia or anything you recognize?

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