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Dysgraphia; new school, new system, new country!

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papalazaru Thu 05-Sep-13 13:04:18

My son has just started Year 7 at a local indie school. We moved from the US this summer so this is his first experience of the English school system (and mine).
His writing issues were first noted when he was about 4 and he has been receiving OT ever since, around age 8 he was diagnosed with dysgraphia . In the states we had to access OT privately as he wasn't considered severe enough to get it in the public school system because it was not (at that time) causing him to perform below his grade level.
When we applied to our school here I was up front about his dysgraphia and using the report from when he was 8 he got a little extra time for exams and he is also excused from using cursive.
Now he has started his new school I would like to see if he still requires adaptive measures - certainly by looking at his writing you'd think he does! So my question is twofold really:- do I need to contact the SENCO at the new school directly to ensure he isn't overlooked and should I then arrange for a new report to be carried out so we get an up to date picture of his dysgraphia?
Any advice will be very helpful as, despite, being British I have no experience of the school system nowadays.

LIZS Thu 05-Sep-13 16:16:21

Yes speak to SENCO and ask what assessments should be done . They may have an in-house test or recommend a local Ed Psych. Be aware that extra time is being radically reassessed and the child needs an assessed low processing speed to be permitted it in public exams now.

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