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Deseperately seeking a play date for my high functioning ASD son! Enfoeld N21

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Klida Sat 24-Aug-13 08:54:49

Dear parents,

I am looking for a playdate for my high functioning autistic son who is now 5 and starting year one this Sept. He had a very good friend but they relocated aboard now and it absolutely broke his heart! (He has been crying last night saying that he wanted to see him and that he had no best friends at school sad.
My son is very attentionate and non violent! He loves trains. So someone with a passion for trains will be ideal. I also have to mention that we are running an ABA programme after school for him. So if you are in a similar position snd wants a structured approach to help your child build friendships please contact me.

If interested please inbox me with details! Any advise or similar experiences with your ASD child are also very welcome.

Klida Sat 24-Aug-13 09:03:13

Apologies for the typos as this has been posted from my phone! We live in Enfield, n21

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