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Please can you talk to me about dyspraxia?

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Stillhopingstillhere Tue 20-Aug-13 09:33:06

Ds is 4.1 and starting school this year. In some ways I've always felt something wasn't quite right since he was born and he does seem to fit many of the "criteria" for dyspraxia.
He was a high needs baby who never slept, he was tired but constantly overstimulated, any noise or activity and he wouldn't sleep. He didn't sleep in the car or pushchair right from when he was born. But he would scream and scream and scream because he was overtired. He was late to sit unaided (about 8 months) and never crawled properly, only commando crawled by dragging himself. He walked unaided at 15 months. All still normal but the late side of normal.

Now his gross motor isn't too bad, although I think he runs slightly strangely. I wouldn't say he is always falling over or tripping up though. He can climb, catch a ball, jump and balance on one leg for a few seconds. Fine motor is pretty bad, he still basically just scribbles and tends to get very upset if encouraged to do anything using fine motor skills such as doing up buttons, using scissors, building with Lego. He can build with duplo. And he can build a high tower with just wooden blocks. He can write his name and other simple words using a computer so knows how to spell and sound out but can't translate this into writing. He can read simple words. He still swaps between both hands, although left is slightly dominate.
He is very fussy about food. Most textures make him gag, sometimes he is sick. He mainly tolerates dry foods. Even the smell of foods can make him sick. He used to be bad with noises and textures of clothes but seems to have grown out of this. He is still overwhelmed in noisy environments though which worries me re school.

He is however very very very verbal (uses words such as sarcastic, ironic, prehistoric, disintegrate in the right contexts) and does a lot of imaginary play which doesn't seem to fit with what I've read online about dyspraxia but I really know very little about it. He makes friends ok if one to one but struggles in groups. He tends to seem the odd one out. He does prefer adults in some ways, although likes to do imaginary play with other children. He has several children he has known since he was born that he plays very well with. With groups of children he tends to want to take charge and lead. He is good at emphasising. I don't think he fits the asd profile. And yet I still feel he isn't quite like most other children. He has no concept of wanting to fit in, he doesn't care what the other children are doing. He won't go and join in painting or drawing because the others are doing it.

My main worry is that he seems to struggle to respond to physical instructions. He can follow two step instructions for some things (such as get your shoes and then go to the toilet) but if I told him to put his thumbs up he can't. He can't copy me. He puts his index fingers up and then gets annoyed and can't seem to follow me at all. There seems to be a processing delay sometimes. I noticed when he did football he was always the last to follow instructions, he's fine one to one, but I wonder if maybe because it was loud and a bit chaotic he just couldn't focus. Honestly, he had no idea what he should be doing most of the time.

He also can't keep still. He's constantly moving (unless watching tv). He shakes his head manically and waves his arms. Even stuff like brushing his teeth is tricky because he will not keep still.

On the other hand preschool weren't worried. They said he had a good concentration span and he left with all 40-60 months on his early years profile with him actually exceeding the 40-60 months in personal skills and numeracy.

But I just can't shake the feeling something isn't quite right. Sorry it's so long. Really grateful for any advice.

Stillhopingstillhere Tue 20-Aug-13 09:34:58

Oh and he can't cross his legs, that's another thing he can't seem to comprehend. When we went to school induction all others sat with legs crossed, ds with legs straight out in front of him, I've tried to show him but he can't do it at all.

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