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DS aged 7 struggling at school

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Tenbybelle05 Sun 28-Jul-13 11:00:58

Hi there.

My son who is 7 is really struggling with school. He was slow to read and is now finally on chapter books and is always getting comments that he needs to really work in his handwriting and on his maths.

He is my first son so I am not really sure how to compare him with other children. Not sure if there may be underlying causes or whether we are simply in a particularly academic class and I am being unnecessarily neurotic! Probably! Hopefully!

He struggles to learn by and follow complex instructions but if allowed to watch someone else doing it can easily follow. He is also very literal and it seems to take him a while to "get things".

He is however brilliant at design and art and often helps all the other kids on projects. The school is great and giving him extra attention in the areas he struggles with and seem to suggest its a matter of application. Ie if he likes something he will focus brilliantly but if not doesn't seem to want to bother.

Any ideas - is he just being s normal stubborn 7 year old or could there be something else going on!?

Thanks in advance and any ideas very appreciated .


kitchendiner Tue 30-Jul-13 08:10:27

Have you considered dyslexia? I found this useful book in our local library:

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