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Can anybody help?

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ThreeBeeOneGee Tue 23-Jul-13 22:24:19

I do sympathise, DS2 had a lot of similar behaviours at this age. Also very academically able, but very little impulse control. We were fortunate in that he never showed aggression, but he regularly broke things by playing with them in ways they weren't designed for, and often acted completely inappropriately.

You are doing exactly the right thing with the diary. We compiled a list of concerns (ended up being rather a long list) and took it to the paediatrician. He wasn't certain (DS2 can be good with adults or 1-1, but struggles with peers & in groups) so he referred us to a tertiary centre for children with complex neurodevelopmental conditions, where we received a diagnosis.

DS2 is now finishing Y6, has had a whole term with no sanctions, just had a part in the school play, and has been invited to three parties this term (a big step forward for him). Hopefully your son will get the support he needs and make the same progress.

lijaco Tue 23-Jul-13 20:54:33

Hi my ds is very hardwork for me in many ways. I really don't know what this maybe. I have recently made an appointment at the doctors because of my concerns. I have a further appointment to attend in September with community Paediatrics. I have started to keep a diary starting today. Basically he doesn't seem to have any fear and puts himself in awful situations. He gets teased by other children because they love his out of control reaction. He swears, screams and shouts and attacks me. He is only six years old but I have had lots of injuries from him. The latest injury was that he hurled a snooker ball at me when we was on Holiday. It hit me full pelt on the side of the face and didn't half shock me. I took him back to the room where he screamed and swore like something awful was happening to him. When he calmed down he was very remorseful. Academically he is very clever and received an excellent academic report. Behaviour wise was not good. Also he gets in trouble at school. A pupil at dinnertime called him a gay face, so he got up and emptied the pupils lunchbox into the bin. So again was in big trouble. He has written swear words onto the playground floor.

This morning ds urinated on his bed even though he was wearing a pull up and the toilet faces his room. He said he did this because his brother teased him. If I try to reinforce ground rules and ds breaks them I will give him time out. I will then later find something broken i.e. toys, curtain rails, ripped up pictures etc.

This is something more that naughty can anybody give me some advice.
Thank you smile

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