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DS & DD both dyslexic ;(

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cadburygirl01 Tue 23-Jul-13 16:03:28

Just found out my DD age 7 is dyslexic after having private assessment. I have been telling her school since she was in reception that i suspected this was the case, she is currently 1.5yrs-2yrs behind were she should be. She is due to start Junior school September which is a completely different school. She previously failed government phonics test and in her sats obtained level 2s which is hard to believe as her spelling is very poor, also appears that she is also Dyscalculia as well. I have appt booked with the juniors 3weeks after she has started to discuss their re-evaluation of her.

I have been advised that a voice recognition software may be of benefit to her eg Dragon. Has anyone used it?

My DD was diagnosed dyslexic in year 5 he is in year 7 and will be going into year 8 September and his most recent reports he has not reached any of his EOY targets and the levels for English and Maths are the same he left junior school with. Again i have an appt for Senco in sept.

Just feel so very let down at moment by schools. The Senco say they are doing this this and this but now it seems apparent they have been doing nothing to support him.

Dyslexia Action do private lessons dont think i can afford for both to go!

Has anyone got experience with any computer software, or do you think i should speak to Dyslexia action for more advice??

kitchendiner Wed 24-Jul-13 06:59:01

My DS has tried Dragon but his voice wasn't clear enough to have good results - there were loads of errors. I had more luck with it as I speak more clearly. He has said that he will have another try with it as writing is very frustrating for him. The thing I have learned about Dyslexia is that there is no magic wand. One thing that it is good for though is reading back what he has written and this helps him find some of his mistakes.

There are other things you can try like Touch Typing, tinted glasses etc.

Good luck.

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