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Products for dyslexic children in secondary education

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Crashid Mon 01-Jul-13 20:05:29

Hello everyone!

My name is Charlotte Rashid and I am studying my MA Publishing at Oxford Brookes University. My topic for my dissertation is an analysis of the educational publishing market in secondary education for children with dyslexia so this will be the 11- 18 yr old range.

I was wondering if anyone could help me and tell me what products you have bought for your children to aid in their learning? Or what products are used in your child's school to help them?

If you are a teacher and have used products to teach children with dyslexia could you let me know what they are and how effective they were?

I want to look at a range of products and analyse their effectiveness so good and bad products are welcome in my dissertation. Once I have done this I want to take my findings to the publishers and see what they're next step is.

I want to make clear in my work that this is a viable market and more studies need to be done to create effective products to give children with dyslexia as much help as is needed in their education.

Thank you for your time smile

grants1000 Wed 17-Jul-13 10:07:31

I can't help with any product suggestions, but I have dyslexic son who will be starting secondary education in Sept.

So far both primary and secondary schools have asked us to get him to learn to type over the Summer hols and how to use a dictaphone. So he can type all his work and instead of having to copy homework notes off a board he can speak them into the dictaphone. All designed to save him time and make it easier for him to participate in the class.

His secondary school have also said there are lots of other things they can do to help, but until he starts and they get to know him and see him in action they can't tell what he needs.

horsemadmom Tue 20-Aug-13 18:35:05

Rulers in all colours of the spectrum for Irlens kids. Maybe a school bag insert that has colour coded sections to help with organisation. Books that are printed in crisp black on white and black on yellow. NHM maths books were the bain of our existance- too much colour and pattern!

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