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Worried about 7 year old sons development.

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LittleMissGerardButlerfan Mon 01-Jul-13 18:56:58


My son is 7 and in year 2. He is very immature for his age, and I was told today at school he is acting very childish, and saying silly words like pooh and bottom all the time, and today he shouted to someone walking down the road from the school yard that he could see their bottom, so he had to stay in the rest of playtime. I told his teacher I would have a word.

He is also behind in his writing and struggles with concentration. His drawing is also immature for his age.

He is in a special group in his class to help with his writing but I haven't noticed many improvements.

He also likes to talk all the time and make silly noises.

He struggles with learning to swim and ride a bike too. He struggles with following instructions for example he says where are my shoes so I say over there and point but he struggles to find them. I also have to tell him every day not to eat with his mouth open but it makes no difference. I have had his eyes tested and they are fine.

School won't test for dyslexia until they are in year 3, but that's only in September so I shall push for it then.

I am not pushing for a label but I do want to know so I can help him.

Is it worth a word with the senco at school? I'm grateful for any advice, OH thinks there is nothing wrong with him and he is just lazy hmm angry

facemask Mon 01-Jul-13 19:49:40

Thought dh had sneaked onto mn to talk about our son! I shall watch this thread with interest. Sorry that wasn't very helpful!

3rdnparty Thu 11-Jul-13 18:07:29

I would talk to his teacher and the Senco - what are his motor skills like?
as could be dyspraxia rather than dyslexia- how is his reading/writing they should be giving you his levels

...I would do it before the break as you can get a yearly overview from his current teacher and they can brief his next teacher ...assessments can take ages to organise

I would then go to Gp as some things are referred via them...(ds was picked up at 7 as well) and if you need an OT appt round here its a years wait..

a list of some the symptoms of dyspraxia here....

there's also the Tinsley house approach -search on mumsnet for info

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