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Aspergers daughter bullied her fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LuvMyBoyz Sat 22-Jun-13 20:25:09

The SENCO should be fighting your dd's corner. These girls should be made aware that dd is out of bounds to them unless they are prepared to be friendly. She should be offered a safe place to go as prissy has said. How is the SENCO involved?

prissyenglisharriviste Sat 22-Jun-13 05:04:13

Most kids in this position are allowed access to the learning support base for unsupervised breaks. It gives them a safe space to hang out if they aren't able to cope with the usual playground stuff.

sashh Sat 22-Jun-13 04:48:05

Ask the school about their 'duty of care' and the adjustments they have by law to have made for her special needs.

It will rattle them.

Then ask for their policies and procedures when a child is being bullied for SN. Is the school aware that a hate crime is being carried out on their premiss on a regular basis.

Then ask them what they do to help prevent your dds 'meltdown' which occurs in the form of lashing out?

They have a legal duty to do all of the above.

Then ask them why you shouldn't call the police for the hate crimes as the school is not taking it seriously.

Then ask them why your daughter (who will get legal aid, so finances not a problem, OK might not be true but they don't know that) shouldn't be compensated for the schools:

lack of care
not keeping her safe
not making reasonable adjustments

Once they think you may have a legal case they will stop and think.

FeegleFion Tue 18-Jun-13 13:15:06

Consider contacting the school governors.

IMO/ E schools often chastise the party who retaliates and it is frustrating.

Don't give up, keep at the school to find resolution for your DD.

I'm sure someone with mush more experience and much better advice will be along soon.

Pomygranit Tue 18-Jun-13 13:11:41

Daughter at secondary school being bullied by a group of other girls, lashes out, she is deemed at fault punished, isolated at lunchtime.
School has done NOTHING to those who bullied her.
She has just started her final year for GCSE

The constant sniping has gone on long enough, their bullying policy is c**p, communication with the school is c**p

What do we do? Who do we turn to?

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