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Ed Psych request

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thefruitmonster Tue 18-Jun-13 08:41:43

Thanks again tiny. Will look into these two.
Has anyone used Nicola Bishop?
Still open to other suggestions of people to use or avoid, as i keep researching.

tinytalker Tue 18-Jun-13 00:10:27

This is Wendy Anthony who I have used through my school, she is very child friendly, thorough and report came through within days with lots of practical advice and support strategies.

We have also used Marion Rushbrook

Good luck.

thefruitmonster Sat 15-Jun-13 15:50:22

Thanks tinytalker - certainly not too far if it's a good one for what we need. TIA smile

tinytalker Sat 15-Jun-13 15:25:15

I am in North East London and have a contact, is this too far?

thefruitmonster Thu 13-Jun-13 21:19:33

Thanks for heads up. Posted it in a few places but no joy just yet. smile

MadameSin Thu 13-Jun-13 19:04:32

Try posting this on the Special Needs Children section .. more 'traffic' over there. Good luck!

thefruitmonster Thu 13-Jun-13 15:37:14

Hello MNers! We are currently looking for an Educational Psychologist. We live in East London and need an assessment done. Do any of you have any experience with these or have one you might recommend - to use or to avoid? Advice would be GREATLY appreciated. TIA

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