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Help/Advice needed PLEASE ? Im really stuck :-(

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Jess01 Wed 01-May-13 10:07:13

To cut a very long story short I've got my first review meeting tomorrow (DS (school action) is KS2 starts KS3 in sept has been in the school 18 months !!! & only had TWO iep's/isp's !!!)

The thing is I'm stuck on what I can recommend (is that the correct word?) or would like SENCO to include in his new iep/isp. The two old ones which cover yr5 & yr 6 are exactly the same with MASSIVE targets like 'to learn times tables' 'not got get distracted in class'...... SENCO always tries to baffle me and I come out of meetings feeling pretty crap, last meeting SENCO told me all we want DS to do is to be able to count change that he gets from the shops when hes older so he doesn't get ripped off !!!.....Well NO !!! actually SENCO I actually want DS to be successful in what ever he is capable of being successful in, counting change doesn't cover it for me like !!

DS is sitting his SAT's in 2 weeks, he did a mental maths practice at school & got 1 out of 20 correct, we got practice papers sent home and he just cries when we attempt them, I've raised this with SENCO and she tells me not to worry he'l do fine in SATS, the minute my attitude is they can shove the SATs where the sun don't shine !!

One positive I requested (SENCO DIDNT WANT TO) through DS's enuresis clinic nurse for someone to go into school to chat with DS to hopefully work on/deal with anger management. DS informs me that the lady went in and is going back to see him, she is also going to the meeting tomorrow, Im dreading that because Darling DS took great pleasure in telling me that he had told her I threw a shoe at him !!!! It was bloody 4 years ago & I actually threw it into the shoe pile which he was passing at the time, it didnt touch him & he brings it up at EVERY meeting we have with health/school people)

Since an outer agency are involved can I request he goes onto Action plus ?? or does SENCO have to decide that ??

Urh god man, sorry for the rant but if anyone that has abit spare time today & could possible look at his old iep's/isp's for me could you pretty please message me, I've tried parent partnership and they only work with families of statemented children & school has no parent support workers/advice other than a pretty useless SENCO.

I may add DS's first school was fantastic concerning SEN & I admit to myself I have to get it in my head that all schools don't work the same ways, but 2 plans in 18 months ??? Come On !!

Sitting in hope......


Shells Wed 15-May-13 06:14:00

Hi Jess - you need to try on the special needs boards - much busier there.

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