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any experience/advice on dyscalulia?

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bigbuttons Wed 27-Mar-13 13:45:05

My 7 year old has been diagnosed with having a significant likely hood of being dyslexic. Not a surprise to me as I asked for her to be tested and the school is doing very well with helping her. She entered year 2 barely able to read or write and is at least now writing pieces that can be understood and is reading much more confidently. And she feels much better about herself, which is the main thing.
Having just had parents' evening, her teacher ( very experienced btw) was concerned about her maths, as was the senco. She still has huge problems with her number bonds to 10.
I asked whether they thought she could have dyscalulia as well. They thought is was a possibility. I ask her to be tested, although I do know there is not a standardised test as such.
She is a bright and gusty girl, enormously creative and fantastic at art and all things creative. She has the most amazing feel for colour, puts together the most beautiful, kooky outfits that you think would not work, but do etc etc.
I want to help her if I can. I am a primary school teacher, although not working at the moment, so have knowledge in this area, but this particular problem,is all new to me. Her younger brother ( nearly 6) is streets ahead of her in maths and her older siblings have never had any issues with reading, writing or maths.
If anyone has a child with this can you tell me the best way forward for her? Any books, websites, tips etc?
many thankssmile

Teachercreature Wed 27-Mar-13 14:08:06

First of all very sorry if I am teaching you to suck eggs here! Just some thoughts...

It could just be the dyslexia affecting the Maths? I've taught a great many dyslexics and some have no problem at all but others do, and as far as I understand it there's a lot less research/awareness of dyscalculia. Plus also some dyslexics have trouble with memory but you probably already knew that.

Did find this test but no idea if it's any good:

Have you had an Ed Psych assessment yet? If not that might be a good next step for getting a thorough diagnosis and support tips.

And you may well already have seen all this but if not this site gives a good summary plus some suggested resources:

Other than that in terms of support I found Maths difficult as a child myself and always found it helps to give it some reality - ie use objects to demonstrate concepts, or pictures. Also do check she has understood the terms in Maths as that can confuse children even without dyslexia.

And how lovely to hear that you have support from the school and that your daughter is feeling better already - best of luck! smile

MummaBubba123 Wed 08-May-13 09:40:49

Have you found any solutions?
I have some tips, if not.

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