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Good mainstream schools for a boy with High functioning autism/aspergers? Enfield?

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Klida Wed 27-Mar-13 09:27:45

Dear mums,

I am desperate for your views. My son has high functioning autism and he is 5. We are looking for a good school who will be able to meet his needs, with a nurturing environment and somewhere were they are going to build on his strengths (he is very able academically). The problem I had with schools I visited is that they compare him with severe cases the had in the past and don't really challenge him to improve (given the diagnosis they just think he doesn't understand/he is not able). Any experience of mums in the borough who have their high functioning/aspergers kids in a decent school, please share your views. Also, any schools that you would avoid?

Many thanks,


KarlosKKrinkelbeim Wed 27-Mar-13 09:32:48

Just to say I'm dealing with a v simialr dilemma to you but in Sussex! So no practical help but just a comforting pat on the shoulder - I feel your pain. Good luck.

Klida Wed 27-Mar-13 09:50:19

Thanks karloskkinkelbeim! Seems most schools have lots of experience dealing with children in the severe end but are clueless about how to address more subtle needs. Best of luck for you too..xx

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