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Another Dyslexia question, sorry guys. We are at the very start of this, but what to do now?

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BlueAndRedMakePurple Mon 25-Mar-13 20:37:42

DD's (8.5) teacher flagged up a possibility of Dyslexia at parents evening last November but wanted to monitor (junior school and y3 so had only been there 6 weeks). Parents evening just last week has yet again mentioned Dyslexia this time with more confidence that DD is in fact Dyslexic.

Teacher told me that nothing needed to be done at this stage, she's already going for one on one lessons to help improve her memory (wasn't told about this-so was a little pissed about that). She has basically said I need do nothing until she starts seniors as they have the provisions in place to deal with it.

I have since talked to others who say I should not accept this and that the SENCO should be my first port of call. This morning I asked the school for a meeting with the SENCO-they said they'd ring with an phone call yet. How long should I expect to wait to get an appointment to speak to her? And more importantly what do I say?? Once I actually get sat down with her I need some idea of what I need to do as I'm clueless!

I just want to make sure my DD gets any help and support she needs.

kalpamum Mon 25-Mar-13 21:09:47

Hi. Yes I think you require a meeting with Senco. I think to start with you need to find out why they think she is dyslexic. There are many umbrellas to describe dyslexia and every child is different to what support is required.
If she is having one to one then you need to ask if an IEP has been written, this is important as it should have measurable targets to see if the child is improving.
Also you need to ask if they have carried out any assessment, and if not you need to request that they do. Provisions need to be in place now and waiting until seniors is a rediculous solution. If she is dyslexic then there are lots of in class support that should be provided and also support when the time comes for her SATs.
Here are some good web sights you may find some info to help

Please feel free to ask any questions, I have been in the same situation and unfortunatly school would not test and support my dd. I have fought all the way and now have a statement in place.

Teachercreature Tue 26-Mar-13 20:31:03

Agree entirely with kalpamum. Good that they are taking some action at least, but as for the rest - what kalpamum said!

(Also happy to answer qs - taught in a very dyslexia-friendly school.)

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