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Aspergers......depressed teenager - help please!!

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Butternutnut Sun 24-Mar-13 19:05:48

Repost as put in the wrong topic i think:

My 18 year old ds has recently (last week) told us he is depressed which he is now having treatment for. (Gp gave prozac , he has had counselling at college which he felt did not help at all) He has always been a bit 'different' and 'aspergersy' but as he appeared to be happy we didn't see any need to delve further as he is bright enough to have learnt to interact and has been taught (by us) to make eye contact etc. He is dyspraxia but again hasn't had a diagnosis although uses a wp for exams as diabolical writing mainly due to brain working faster than hand.

He has a girlfriend and a small circle of friends (most of whom also are probably on the spectrum !). It isn't something we have ever discussed with him as is he does have AS he is on the lower end of the spectrum and I didn't see any benefit to him having a label, and didnt appear to have any problems....

However now it has emerged that he has been suffering with mild depression for 2 years at least (which he has hidden from us - how do you tell the difference between a normal teenage boy and a mildly depressed one? he didnt show any obv outward sign that rang alarm bells - i feel really crap for not noEticing) but I now wonder if this is part of the cause and should we explore further? Would it help him?

Any advice gratefully received....he is about to sit A levels, is not getting good grades (but is actually exceptionally clever - just disorganised, poor exam technique, seems incapable of revision as never needed to revise until now, also incapable of showing any working when he can just 'see' an answer to a question) it all seems to be falling apart just a few months before he is due to leave home........

LuvMyBoyz Mon 25-Mar-13 22:57:35

Maybe talk him through his Asperger traits? My experience of young people who are finally diagnosed with AS and are talked through what it means is that they are relieved to know why they have always felt so different and out of step and even 'alien'. Maybe a book written by another young person with AS? This would also bring out the positives of AS such as their extraordinary ability to focus and be analytical. He sounds like a great bloke. X

Butternutnut Tue 26-Mar-13 23:07:12

Thanx he is a great bloke , one of my worries is that if he is actually do as having as will that affect his career applications in the future .... Maybe better to let him come to a realisation by reading a book - great idea thx luvmyboyzz

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