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SEN and Prematurity

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areyoubeingserved Wed 20-Mar-13 22:49:43

Hi, DS has been referred for an Ed Psych report from GP and to request one from his school. Concerns around possible Dyspraxia traits. Hes quite behind at school, and there is an IPA in place.

Are schools supportive of these reports taking place and will it help that the GP has asked me to ask the school to request one. Also how long is a wait roughly for one to take place. My main wonder is DS was very prem, about 11 weeks early and I do question wether this has a bearing on any sen he may have. He was late doing everything so have kind of expected him playing catch up at school perhaps. Of course his prematurity may have no bearing.

Any advice/ thoughts very welcome.

areyoubeingserved Wed 20-Mar-13 22:51:18

*IEP I meant not IPA

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