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DS may have dyspraxia...could use some advice please :)

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zephyrcat Thu 07-Mar-13 21:05:31

Hi All,

My DS is 8.9 and his school have suggested testing him for dyspraxia. I have always felt he was young for his age, and when he was due to begin year R I felt like I should be holding him back a year. I have mentioned concerns all along and always been told "he's just a boy" "it's a phase" "don't label him".

Well now the 'phase' hasn't ended, his peers are growing up and think he's weird sad

There are lots of mannerisms and parts of his personality that see, to fit perfectly with dyspraxia. The GP also suggested lower end spectrum autism/AS.
His main problem is an inability to concentrate and follow instruction. You have to ask him something several times to get him to do it, or you can ask him to do something then come back to him and he's still sitting there as if nothing was said. He is forgetful and often loses his belongings. He is, for the majority of the time, in his own world - his imagination is amazing but he doesn't seem to know where the boundaries are. He will start a conversation with "What if..." And talk for the next half hour about a totally made up scenario with various characters etc and has no comprehension that I'm not really listening.
He has barely any muscle tone and gets teased for being small and skinny. He struggles to maintain friendships and this is a major issue with school just now. He is now falling further behind with his work too.

We would love to hear about parents with experiences in living with this, diagnoses etc as at the moment it all feels quite overwhelming for both Ds and us.

happyglamper Sat 09-Mar-13 13:04:19

Hi there, full sympathy for you, have just got back from an initial assessment for DS (7) poor handwriting plus other things not quite right - she said he has a lot of markers and would recommend referral for full assessment. Just been on the Dyspraxia Foundation website and having only glanced at it before, am now beginning to see that his thought processes (ie organising his work etc) are all so typical...feeling very sad for him. He is performing well above average at school for everything except literacy where he is average. I know if we don't get further input though he risks slipping behind, and he's very aware that he can't do some things as well as his peers. Sorry thinking out loud there really, but do feel free to PM me or vent on here for someone going through similar to you - always helps to know you are not alone I find smile

Teachercreature Tue 26-Mar-13 20:44:51

I agree the school should test for dyspraxia, but I also think they should most definitely be referring him for a full Ed Psych evaluation from what you're saying. A state one is around an 18 month wait - you can go private but it costs around £500.

Failing that do speak to places like the Dyspraxia Foundation and potentially the NAS too and see if there are any support groups who could help you. Or, you can get a SEND caseworker free from here too if necessary:

Good luck and hope very much you get the right support for him.

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