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Moving to richmond with a beautiful boy with mild ASD...

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76madmummy Tue 05-Mar-13 11:06:11

My only advice would be to contact the Richmond council and see if they could provide any local contacts for support groups in the area. I live near there but I deal with a different council - sorry. I do take my son to a group that also works in the Richmond area called Singing Hands. They do Makaton signing to music. My DS has ASD and I found the structure of the sessions helped with turn taking and sitting in a group. It might be a way to meet the locals?

lonman1 Mon 25-Feb-13 16:52:55

hello all,
im moving to Richmond in jan. My son is on the spectrum but mild. I am looking for schools and was also wondering if the borough has good facilities or support for these beautiful and special children. if not, can anyone recommend a better borough/ school.
A very anxious mum!

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