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Very early support for possibly dyslexic pre-schooler?

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sugarandspite Sun 24-Feb-13 19:06:17

Apologies if this isn't the right section, but I was wondering if some of you more knowledgable people might be able to point me in the right direction.

DS is 2.3 and a very late talker, his understanding is excellent and he communicates pretty well but only has about 20words, most of which only DH and I can understand. He is a hugely physical and active kid and our HV is happy that he is just late talking rather than a case for SALT.

However, DH, his brother and his father are all fairly strongly dyslexic and I have read that late talking can be an indicator of dyslexia.

Of course there is every chance that DS doesn't have it but if he does, I'm very keen that we try to support him in the ways he needs from as soon as we can.

I am very conscious that DH's dyslexia wasn't picked up until his teens - by which time his confidence in learning and especially spelling was completely shot.

We do lots of reading books, nursery rhymes etc with DS and play lots of 'labelling' games already. But is there anything that we could do as he gets older to support him before he reaches an age where dyslexia can be diagnosed - as presumably this 'extra stuff' can only help, even if he isn't dyslexic?

Apologies for long post! Thanks in advance

sugarandspite Sun 24-Feb-13 19:12:57

Just to clarify - I really don't mean 'how can I make sure my kid is top of the class in everything, even if he's dyslexic'!

I just want to be able to help him learn in the right ways for him, so it is fun and as easy as possible for him.

Teachercreature Tue 26-Mar-13 20:39:36

Speak to the BDA:

You may well be right especially given the dyslexia in the family, BUT schools will argue right up to Y2/3 that they're too young to diagnose (not true). The earlier you can get him assessed and with proper support the better - they may say however that until he starts to read and write they can't tell for sure. Good luck! smile

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