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Ideas please

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sammisatt Thu 21-Feb-13 12:50:36

Brilliant. I love the Extreme Sports idea and the Doctor Who one. I now have to google 'minecraft.'

Not sure how I could introduce them to Romance, although it could definitely produce some interesting discussions on fancying people!

Thank you.

lljkk Thu 21-Feb-13 10:24:58

Extreme sports, Minecraft, Dr. Who, romance.

sammisatt Thu 21-Feb-13 08:56:34

I teach literacy in a secondary nurture group to years 7 and 8 students. I'm trying to think of topics that will engage them. They absolutely loved our topic on superheroes and villains and also our work on freaky weather. (hurricanes etc) i want a topic that will give lots of scope/opportunities for speaking/listening/lifeskills as well as. Any ideas would be very welcome. Thank you.

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