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soupdragonpeasoup Tue 12-Feb-13 00:35:43

My son under speech therapist for pragmatics. hehas friends but chooses quieter kids and not keen on more boisterous alpha male types. He is where he needs to be for reading but 1 to 2 sub levels behind where he should be in maths and writing. he is confident at home but not at school and darent put his hand up if he doesn't understand. teachers think he cannot follow or understand multiple commands however this is not the case at home. should i have him assessed / anyone any ideas what is wrong - i think teachers suspect asd although not admitting it - i think he is shy - help!

KeepOnKeepingOn1 Wed 20-Feb-13 11:44:28

What assessments has your SALT carried out? There are subtests to CELF-4 called 'concepts and following directions' and 'understanding spoken paragraphs' in addition to a pragmatics profile that the CT completes. I would have thought given the teachers concerns that these would have been requested.

Teachers wanted me to get DS2's (SLCN and being investigated for ASD) hearing checked and wanted these assessments. Pragmatics profile indicated problems and the assessments were on the 75th and 91st percentiles - ie not being able to follow or understand is very definately not the problem.

otoh DS1 has ASD but also SpLD and APD and so his understanding spoken paragraphs is less than the 1st percentile.

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