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Sensory processing/integration disfunction & the ALERT program - 8 year old child

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laptopwieldingharpy Tue 05-Feb-13 02:41:05

DS had a very hard time transitioning into a new BIG school this year. Distressing anxiety levels leading to school refusal and a a couple of weeks of homeschooling. The school has been really helpful with gradual re-entry and monitoring by the school psychologist.

After a bout of CBT with a psychologist, we were referred to an OT who did a full SPOT and SPIT assessment and we are due to start the ALERT program. Not for another month though.
Does anyone have links or info on the program? I understand a lot is actually implemented at home and in school?

I have to say the biofeedback from the OT has helped a lot. Being able to understand that in some situations his body "tricks" him into excessive emotional responses has been a great relief as it has helped him put a name on "what is wrong with me?".
We are really hoping naming the triggers will help him break down the anxiety and use tools and techniques provided by the OT effectively to self regulate.

He is now well settled in school and has learned to avoid situations that trigger stress (ie: he goes straight up to class without transitioning in the very busy, very noisy indoor gym).
He still has the odd refusal days though (goes to school but gets overwhelmed and is sent home). We are hoping the ALERT intervention will help!
Any good stories to share? we need encouragement!

Should I post in behaviour & development?


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