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Starting in the Year Below

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Cococo Wed 23-Jan-13 15:25:35

My DS has had some developmental delay. His fine and gross motor skills are delayed as is his speech, but we believe he will catch up. We are told he will not qualify for one on one help in class or a statement as his understanding and cognitive skills are advanced. I am looking at independents for him as I think he will really benefit from a smaller class size and individual attention. He is currently 2 years old so would start in nursery in September. One of the schools has suggested he might benefit from joining the year below as he is a summer child, so being one of the oldest could be an advantage for him. However I am concerned that there are negatives to this and that he might suffer later on. Does anyone know of any potential problems I might face if I hold him back a year, or is it a good idea?

Badgers5 Fri 25-Jan-13 22:44:26

My D is in the year below.She was born in July and started school in the right class but was back classed in secondary school which was accepted by the LEA. She is Statemented and in an Independant school for aspergers and high functioning ASD. It is not uncommon for children born in July to be back classed in this area in the Independant sector.

Cococo Sat 26-Jan-13 11:29:43

Thanks Badgers5, I guess all situations are differernt and I don't know where we will be come secondary school. I have a feeling being with the year below might be helpful right now but all could change by secondary and we don't know if a secondary school would necessarily accept him out of year without a fight. Did you feel your DD would have benefited to be in the year below earlier on?

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