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Does anyone have an OCD child that is receiving SEN help in class?

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Vicx Tue 22-Jan-13 17:17:50

Hello, I have an 8 year old in Yr 3 that has OCD- she's a washer. It's been ongoing in school for over 2 years. She is distracted, stares at her hands or out of the window and worries about germs on her hands. Her school work is dropping significantly. From top of the class to bottom levels for everything, messy hand writing and general sadness.
The school know how bad she is as they wrote the referral to get her moved from CAHMS to the Tavistock. Yet they have not mentioned anything to me about extra help etc and because her symptoms wax and wane I haven't sought out extra help until now.
I have contacted the parent partnership at our local council this week. she was surprised that no one has discussed school action or school action plus with me yet. She is coming with me into school to have a meeting with the class teacher, learning mentor and Senco. Just wondered:
1. Is anyone else is having the same problem or had similar experiences with their child?
2. What help I should ask for in class?
3. Is it possible to have her moved straight on to school action plus? as it's two years down the line and we have already informally done SA stage.
4. Wondered if anyone has managed to get their OCD child statemented and if so what that statement includes.
I'd be v grateful for any help. had a good google but all information is geared towards learning difficulties and not mental/emotional difficulties in the classroom.

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