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IEPs and sen register...when to stop?...

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Badvoc Sun 20-Jan-13 18:09:38

My son is 9 and is in year 5 (summer born)
He has always struggled with literacy since the start of formal ed, and was dx as severely dyslexic in sept 2011 (no surprise to me at all)
In this part of the country we have a middle school system so he will be going up to middle school, for year 6 in sept (gulp)
He has made amazing progress since year 3 (when he began at this school) which I believe down to the great year 4 and 5 teachers and also some work and therapies we have done with him at home (such as apples and pears)
He has gone from level 1s across the board at end of year 3 to level 3s across the board now (in fact he may well be a level 4 in maths...will find out next month at parents evening)
He has had an IEP since year 3 and - frankly - they are just a bit pointless IMHO.
My son has had no 1-1 which was recommended by the EP, and was in fact put into an S&L group! If there is one thing ds doesn't need help with its language!
He has a phonics intervention twice a week afaik and I am happy for him to have that as he does have gaps in his phonic knowledge.
I guess I am wondering whether a child on those levels still needs an IEP and whether he is ready to come off the sen register prior to middle school.
I would hate him to be bullied for needing extra help, which hasn't happened at his small village primary but I could see happening at a bigger feeder school sad
I will chat to his teachers about it, of course, but was wondering if any teachers in MN or Sencos had any thoughts!

lljkk Sun 20-Jan-13 18:19:15

I don't think he'll be bullied for extra help, lots of kids have bits of extra help.
Usually the school will tell you if they think he should come off of IEP.
I wouldn't give up the extra support too quickly.

Badvoc Sun 20-Jan-13 18:24:15

Lljjk thanks for replying...I guess part of the issue is I don't feel the extra help he is getting is that useful.
He has made great strides with his writing..we did apples and pears over the summer and its really helped.
He is gradually going up the reading levels too - the school uses the accelerated reader programme.
I know IEPs are used for lots if issues, but my sons problems have always been academic, not social or emotional.
Will see what the next IEP says!

WhatKindofFool Sun 27-Jan-13 17:32:00

I'm having the same dilemma myself. My ES who is in Yr 7 is doing quite well at school after a lot of intervention by me and at primary. He is also very dyslexic but now he is in the top set in English. I asked the school what interventions they would do and they say he can go on a specific literacy programme that they are starting. I still think that would be good for him but felt a bit daft asking for intervention when he is doing so well. However, I don't want them to forget that he is dyslexic and I do fear that with no intervention he might slide back down again.
Also, I want to ensure that he gets extra time in GCSEs etc.

bulby Sun 27-Jan-13 17:36:59

I'm a secondary teacher and I've not known kids get bullied for extra support, although I have known kids refuse it for fear of bullying iyswim. Keep the iep because even if you feel it is pointless the fact ge has one highlights to teachers that there is a possible issue- general awareness if you like.

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