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i have a SEN daughter that has been out of school for 10 months

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strawberrykiss Sat 19-Jan-13 15:57:51

Hi, im starting to pull my hair out and then came across this site hoping i may find parents that may have gone through the same/similar experience.
From day 1 , my daughter has found school hard. most of her school life so far has been mainly half days. she is now almost 11 years old.
she was diagnosed with ASD in 2008 which meant she was then statemented and had more T.A support for her to be at school all day. year2 became a success so then we had a meeting of suggestions as to which Junior school would suit her needs. Autism unit or mainstream?? as she done so well throughout year2, there were challenging behaviors which the school could handle so the decision of mainstream was good.
from day1 it went wrong and the spiral of stress and dispair began.. half days for paret of year 3, teacher leaves then new teacher, full days return, year4 was good male teacher was great, he leaves then a young male from training comes in behavior spirals oout of control where im down the school everyday for 3 months. i had to give up work and go on income support then she was excluded.
sept 11 my daughter attended the Autism Unit nearer to home. she couldnt thank me enough that id moved her.
then feb 2012 the behavior changed and she didnt like this particular teacher.
no behavior management was put in place and the behavior worsened and she became excluded from that school.
we havent had any support from the SEN in kent ie school work, or home tutor
we were isolated and seemed to be like freaks if we went out anywhere during school hours.
i decided to sell the house as the SEN were not going to send my daughter to school until secondary school sept'13' and be a Boarding school.
Im deeply hurt by the thoiught of her going to a boarding school as she is a family loving girl.
ive moved to my dad's in Surrey and the SEN are following what the statement says and suggestions kent SEN have made. we live in surrey and they have sent papers all the way down to West Sussex. luckily ive found a school nearby that seem keen that are an Autustic based school that can deal with challenging behavior and the SEN have put in a parental request.
my daughter hasnt been at school for 10months now with very little education

HotCrossBunsForAll Sat 19-Jan-13 18:27:47

It's pretty usual in Autism units for students to have been out of education for a considerable amount of time - I used to work in one, and we had 12/13 year olds who hadn't attended school for 2/3 years. I'm confused about what you're asking though -are you worried about the length of time she's been out of school?

With regards to the school that you've found - your local county are obliged to find a suitable educational provision for your daughter. Have they named a school yet? If the school they name is different to the one that you would like her to go to - the ASD school - then you can appeal and it will go to tribunal. Has your daughter got a statement? If so, when was the last time it was reviewed? This will have an impact on the schooling decisions that the county make, so make sure that it's current and reflects her needs as they are now. You can request a review of her statement if you feel that one is due.

It seems strange that your daughter was excluded and no further support given re her education. Did she refuse to attend school? Or did you choose to keep her at home? Kent would have had to have a placement for her and have her on roll at a school somewhere - did they really agree to keeping her out until Sept this year?

It sounds like your daughter's education has suffered somewhat due to changes in staff/inconsistent management. My best advice now is to be the mother that all schools hate - visit schools, visit ASD units, push for a statement if she doesn't have one, make yourself know and tell county where you want her to be placed.

Good luck!

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 19-Jan-13 18:38:53


This part of the board gets very little traffic but gets loads. I recommend you repost there as a lot of helpful posters stay in that part only.

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