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Dyslexic? I need advice please

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bojangleslady Sat 19-Jan-13 11:25:16

My eldest son is nearly 7 and in year 2. Since starting nursery at 3, teachers have commented on his lack of development in all areas, but never had any suggestions on how to help etc. Now he's at school, he's been having a lot of 1 to 1's and had a 20 week course with Senco. After many upsetting parents evenings and meetings with the schools Senco teacher, they now want to have him assessed, for what I don't know as I think they are unsure themselves.
They told me he is above the governments guidelines for his age, but that with all the extra help they have given him, he should be further then he is and that as a school they have taught him everything they can! Senco told me he is undeveloped emotionally and socialably, he has no friends, never gets involved in games in the play ground and and that his reading, writing, spelling ans maths is below average. Basically she made me feel like my son should be put down at the vets!!! He had a friend round for tea yesterday, is at a party today and I have been told by other parents their kids think the word of him. The school never have a good word to say about him and I feel they have given up on him. I have no one to talk to as my husband just thinks he is being lazy and that the school are no good and other mums don't understand as their children are perfect!!
Could he be dyslexic? and if he is, how can I help him whilst we wait for him to be assessed?
Other things people have noticed are sensitive hearing, still in pull ups at night, no consentration, good long term memory, fidgets, scared of being told off, oftern hits his head.
Thanks for reading x

LIZS Sat 19-Jan-13 14:31:39

It sounds like he might benefit form a broader assessment for a variety of SpLD's - dyslexia, dyspraxia , AS , ASD , Auditory Processing Disorder , sensory issues etc. You could ask your gp to refer to a paediatrician (then OT etc) but also an assessment by an Ed Psych would look at his academic potential and what may be inhibiting it either via school (what was the SENCO suggesting as a plan of action ?) or privately.

wasuup3000 Sat 19-Jan-13 23:21:45

I think its jumping the gun a bit to rush in with a list of diagnosis's on the back of the words of the Senco said to the child's parent.

Agree to the school to get your child assessed by an educational psychologist OP and as LISZ says do ask your GP to refer him to a paediatrician as they are the people qualified to make any professionally considered diagnosis's.

Educational Psychologist's do some fun tests with children to find out where they are at educationally and developmentally and then can advise you and school further, if needed.

A Paediatrician may refer to a speech and language therapist and an occupational therapist and may observe in the school setting and listen to the school about thier concerns and listen to you about your concerns before reaching any conclusions. Or your area may have a children's centre or a CAMHS service that deal with concerns over development instead.

Your child may well come away with some description or another fitting the above but they are still your child that you love and will always love no matter what. It sounds like the school are giving support and are clued up which is a real bonus.

Somuchiwanttodo Sun 20-Jan-13 20:37:34

My heart goes out to you 'bojangleslady' its very very upsetting to think your child may be having difficulties and no one likes to hear terms like 'below' average. Being called 'lazy' is not so good either.......anyway my son is dyslexic and we missed it, doctors did, paediatricians did and i took him to a homeopath as he was pale, blinking a lot, coughing, hating school, no appetite, loads of things and she diagned it by assessing hime as a whole person. we were shocked but my son was relieved (he's 10) that his difficulites had a name and he was not being called lazy anymore (by teachers). School still did not believe and reluctantly agreed to assess him but we are still waiting 4 months later. So paid for private assessment and this has confirmed it. PLus just identified Irlens/visual stress syndrone. His confidence has increased and think this is down to homepathics remedies to settle is anxieties. Good luck x

bojangleslady Wed 23-Jan-13 10:07:53

Thank you Somuchiwanttodo, my son is always wringing his hands and getting nervous and blinks a lot, so maybe homepathic remedies would help him, I take St Johns Wort and that works for me. We are off to see his doctor this Friday and hopefully then onto an assesement, but I know it takes time!

bojangleslady Sat 26-Jan-13 17:45:44

I had an appointment with my sons doctor today to start of the process of assessment and after talking to both of us, the doctor reckons he is dyslexic and felt that the school was being a bit harsh regarding his social/emotional development. It was nice to talk to someone who spoke about my son like he was a human being and that having dyslexia wasn't going to stop him in life :O)

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