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3rd year undergraduate desperately needs your help with dissertation on Autism!

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LindseyElizabeth Wed 02-Jan-13 16:16:38

Hello, my name is Lindsey and I’m a 3rd year Educational Psychology student. I posted a couple of months ago looking for people to interview for my dissertation and now all my work has been finalized I’m allowed to interview. I’m looking at autism and play, looking at the skills learnt through play. I’m looking for parents/carers with children with high functioning autism who struggle particularly in social skills. 3 people with children who are in yr 6 (at the end of primary school) and 3 people with children who are in yr 11 (at the end of high school). Particularly parents who are chatty, passionate and observant of their children’s social skills with other peers.

If you are willing to help email me at and we can talk further.

Looking for people on Merseyside, Cheshire, Manchester, North Wales! I’LL COME TO YOU!

Oh and thank you so much for reading, your help is much appreciated.

MadameSin Mon 04-Feb-13 22:18:01

Post this on Special Needs Children Board .. more peeps over there. Good Luck!

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