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Spiky profile - autism

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ronaldmacdonald Tue 11-Dec-12 20:00:38

Hello All, My Son is currently in the last stages of his developmental check.
He was referred over to the developmental team to test for Autism.
Unfortunately my Sons school have given their views to the developmental team and I believe have made it seem that there is definitely no way he could be autistic as they'd never seen the behaviour he has recently been displaying....However the EP that the school called in (I believe to prove he was just a naughty kid) performed tests which seemed to point to autism or some sort of social and communications disorder....Visual cues and stuff like that were advised to be put in place....
My reason for posting is I desperately would like to compare another EP report (only the percentile page, not name or personal stuff) So I can compare my Sons abilities test just to work out whether his profile is just a spiky or very spiky. So I know myself what this "Somewhat uneven profile of abilities means".
I have searched the internet high and low and cannot find a thing on the tests performed under the BAS II system which is the one which was used for his test!! Can anybody help ... x (Also I will be happy to share my Sons percentile findings if anybody wants to compare)

thegreenheartofmanyroundabouts Wed 12-Dec-12 07:47:01

Autism is on a spectrum so just becuase you school hasn't seen your son's cluster of behaviours before it doesn't mean he isn't autistic. The National Autistic Society would be the ones to talk to.

Niceweather Thu 13-Dec-12 07:42:58

My son has dyslexia and had differences of up to 49 percentile points on some of the scores on the BAS II. They didn't report the full scale IQ because the scores were so different and it would have just averaged them all out and hidden the highs and lows. On the three main clusters (verbal etc) there was a 27 difference between two of them. Not sure how representative this all is but hope it helps. I am sure my son's profile is similarly spiky. Not sure what constitutes very spiky.

ronaldmacdonald Thu 13-Dec-12 17:38:35

Thank u for your responses. Put the same thread up on mumsnet in another forum (same text went on elsewhere somehow :-! Am new to mumsnet and don't really know what I'm doing) but got quite a lot of feedback on this spiky profile. Seems it does indicate some more complex problems when the profile is spiky....and did get some comparisons on the threads and more detailed in my inbox, looks like the bigger the gap/spike/ unevenness the more likely there is to be difficulties. Don't wanta say autism as it is not just autism that this spiky profile is linked to and got bit slaughtered for suggesting this on the other thread....anyway thanks again for yr feedback :-)

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