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Delayed speech as a sign of autism?

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mmcupcake Fri 23-Nov-12 16:44:46

My son is 3 and while he can make what he wants known very well he barely speaks. At nursery this has led to some behavioural issues esp when he can't make what he wants known or decides to ignore the requests made by adults. His behaviour is nothing like as bad at home and the two together are making professionals question whether he has autistic tendencies. I'm obviously very worried by this growing up with dyslexia myself I know the good and bad sides to having a diagnosis. I was wondering if anyone else had gone through similar and if anyone had ideas how we can best support him. There has been a referral to speech therapist but we have been warned there is a long waiting list.

chuckeyegg Fri 23-Nov-12 19:10:45

If your worried ask to be refered to a community paediatrician early diagnosis is key to getting help and support for him in the early years which are so vital. We got a diagnosis at 3 and it has really helped DS.

Good luck x

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