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LEA Funding independent mainstream school

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eatyourveg Fri 23-Nov-12 19:17:06

SEN Code of Practice 8:132 "At phase transfers, except from early education settings to the primary phase, the statement must be amended no later than 15th February in the year of transfer"

You'll be ok then - it was all too long ago for me to remember the minutiae of the legislation off the top of my head but I knew Feb 15th was always a significant deadline I had to bear in mind with the boys

I think you might get a better response to your query if you asked mners if there was anyone doing aba in an independent school

eatyourveg Thu 22-Nov-12 09:39:52

Be aware that the LA are not interested in which place could meet your son's needs best rather which place can meets the needs set out in part 3 of the statement. Its not impossible but it is hard and most LAs will reject it on the grounds that it is not an efficient use of resources ie its cheaper to send a child to a maintained school. Smaller classes reaping better results on its own won't cut it - you'll need more evidence that school x (the school the LA want) can't meet the needs set out in the statement in part 3 because of abc even with reasonable adjustments whereas school Y (the school you want) can meet the needs of the statement.
Get yourself a copy of this they crop up cheaper on ebay from time to time and along with this you should be able to establish whether you can put a viable case together. Be aware that the law is about to change though

There is a girl at ds3's school who is funded. ds3 is not, we didn't even bother trying as we knew we didn't have a leg to stand on so his statement names a school in the next town which we asked for so should our funds dry up we at least know he won't have to go to the local school which we don't like.

Good luck

T3009 Sun 18-Nov-12 22:44:46

Dear all, has anyone been successfull with the LEA funding (whether partial or full) an independent mainstream school - please share your experience.
DS will start reception in Sept 2013, and we're looking into independent maisntream school. He performs better in smaller setting.

Many thanks

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