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Has anyone lost their bursary?

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lisad123 Wed 14-Nov-12 23:47:52

We get quite a high bursary for dd1 in her indi school. We are very happy and they seem happy with her too.
The problem is if they were to withdraw the funding we could not fund her place. The bursary is checked on yearly but other than that I know little about this.
We are hoping she will remain there till 18, as its great for her.
So have you ever lost funding or are schools pretty good at keeping them on??

eatyourveg Thu 15-Nov-12 10:09:43

Didn't lose ds1's. When it was first awarded in Y7 it was awarded "for the time ds remains at xxx"

lisad123 Thu 15-Nov-12 13:05:11

Thanks, it just said its for yearly review. blush

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