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sjsimpson Mon 05-Nov-12 22:32:18

I am very new to this so here goes. My partner and i are trying to relocate our entire family to London from Northern Ireland. We have a few mile stones along the way. I need to be close to a London university that does nursing (currently enrolled in a course to gain access to university for this), he needs to be able commute to London ( he can do this with just about an hr travel time to work). Now I have 3 children aged 7,5,4. The 4 yr old has just undergone statutory assessment for educational needs and he has just been diagnosed with Autisum.He has been told he needs a special speech unit to begin Primary 1 in September 2013. So really what I am looking for is a list of suggestions or areas to live with all the above in mind. We have a budget of around £1500 to rent with. But I am aware that in and around London we have to move to be within specific catchment areas. I really do not want my children's education to suffer, as I am told the education system in around London is poor, so I am trying to accommodate everyone. Please help as all suggestions are being considered. Thank you from a very stressed out mum who has no idea about London areas as to what is good or bad or indifferent!

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