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DS2 has just been diagnosed with Aspergers

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singinggirl Tue 30-Oct-12 16:08:04

That's it really, we are just back from our appointment. DH is out of the country till Thursday, but will be upset when I tell him over the phone tonight. Not sure how I feel or why I'm posting really, just feeling a little stunned, even though it was what I was expecting. He is Year 5 and we live in Kent, he will almost certainly pass Kent Test next September, so I guess I need to start looking at which Grammars have a good SEN department. Anyone have any ideas?

Ineedalife Tue 30-Oct-12 17:19:40

Hi singing, hope you are ok.

My Dd3 has aspergers, she is in yr 5, she was diagnosed last year after a long battle and 3.5 yr assessment process.

The best idea I have is for you to come and join us on the special needs children board, it is a really friendly, supportive place with lots of knowledgable people.

We can be found just underneath Am I Being Unreasonable if you are on a pc or in the special needs section on your phone.

Good luck and look forward to seeing you on the other boardsmile

singinggirl Tue 30-Oct-12 17:38:49

Thanks Ineed, have now spoken to DH, who is a bit upset, but at least I've done that now. I think dealing with his feelings was worrying me, I'm now starting to feel a bit more positive that at least we have a diagnosis before secondary school.

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