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Advice needed! Emotional & Behavioural Difficulty secondary schools in Dorset

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Serendipity999 Sat 27-Oct-12 12:16:07

Hello there, hope i get this right as its my first post! Im really hoping this is the right place for some advice on EBD schools or equivelant in Dorset. We have decided a change is needed and plan to move there from Hertfordshire in the next 18 months. Before we choose where in Dorset to live we really need to find a good school for my DS (11 years old) who has ADHD and ASD and is statemented. He currently goes to a fab EBD secondary as a day pupil (not interested in him being residential). There seems to be lots of residential options or schools for LD children that are not appropriate. Feels like a huge responsibility to move the kids away from what they know (also have DD 5 years old) We really need to get this right. Any advice on good/bad secondary EBD and primary state schools would be gratefully recieved. Many thanks.

hbomb1 Fri 16-Nov-12 23:24:39

Hi - I am a special needs teacher in Bournemouth.
Dorset is really good for SEN. The best 2 schools that I know of for more able SEN children are Westfield in Weymouth and Linwood in Bournemouth. But I know there are lots of others like Sheilling which is well thought of.
I think there are an unusually large number of schools and provision for ASD in Dorset.
Let me know if you need any further info.
Good luck!

CDFW Tue 11-Dec-12 12:47:41

Please can anybody give me some advise. We are desperately trying to identify the best residential school provision for our 15 year old son,(Year 11). He has had attended 9 different schools - all of which have failed. He has a diagnosis of Aspergers/ADHD (late diagnosis - 13 years of age) he can tick all the boxes for PDA. He presents as a very normal 15 year old lad, but he has never been able to develope a friendship with anyone. He much prefers adult company. He has in the past been a very sporty able lad, good at anything he turns his hand to, football, rugby, badminton, golf - everything really. He is also a bright lad, but has never achieved his full potential due to anxiety around classroom situations. We thought as a youngster, we had a real high flyer - we could never have foreseen how our sons life has developed. Now he eats constantly, this is becoming another worry. We are working with the education dept but we seem to have a free hand in going out and looking for places. We don't mind where it is. Any information would be welcome?

Ineedpigsinblankets Wed 12-Dec-12 10:43:03

Hi CDFW have you looked here

I dont know what age it goes up to though.

Why dont you repost on the special needs children board, it is much busier and there are loads of knowledgeable people over theresmile

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