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SEN - Re Change of school

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statusquo Fri 26-Oct-12 15:46:08

My DC attends an independent school paid by the LA, now if we want to move DC because of school seemingly lack of understanding, over 1hour and a half travel on public transport on a good day, one of the support asked recently if Dc likes the school, school thinks DC not happy there - hence reluctant co-operation and feels made different etc

Now my questions are
- how tough to make LA move DC
- the intended school cost over 30k less - will this count for anything
- when do we tell LA we want to move schools
- in year transfer or start of a new year - which is easier to move for the LA paperwork etc
- what shoudl i be wary off

please can anyone help?

eatyourveg Fri 26-Oct-12 21:24:56

- not tough to move dc if you are wanting to move to nearest mainstream and there is a space available

- yes the intended school being less ££ could be seen as a more "efficient use of resources" (one of the key points LA use as a reason for naming a particular school over another providing they can meet the needs set out in part 3 of statement.

- asap, you will probably have to initiate bringing forward the annual review or having an interim one whereby you will have to say something along the lines of the current school not meeting his needs and you want to change the provision. Don't do this though until you have an alternative school in mind

- the statement usually has to be finalised with new school by Feb 15th before starting in the September. mid year moves are possible but I don't know about paperwork deadlines. I would go with the assumption that the sooner it is sorted the better

- be wary of what you may end up with on your statement in part IV. The LA will first look at the nearest mainstream as the alternative and only once that has been dismissed will they look at other placements. be sure you like the nearest mainstream or have some darn good reasons why they can't meet your dc's needs as specified in the statement. have another school in mind, visit them and determine if there is a space available for your dc. Then if you are happy with the school, work out your reasons for wanting the transfer eg school A isn't meeting dc needs as set out in part 3, school B provides xyz thus meeting the need, my dc is not making progress at school A because they are not doing abc whereas at school b this is all part of the modus operandi etc etc

T3009 Wed 14-Nov-12 22:47:11

hi, would you mind sharing how you managed to get lea to pay for independent school. finalising statement at the moment n looking for independent school fifty ds in Sept 2013.

statusquo Fri 16-Nov-12 22:54:02

T3009 - you have to prove that no suitable school can meet the needs of your DS, its not about getting an independent place, is about the schools that are available and how they can meet you child needs and support him. We look at all options and this was all that was available and can provide the support required and met all the provisions in the statement. However, was not readily handed to us , we had to fight for it via tribunal. We also had to prove that we have look at all types or schools,visit all and got reports from each one stating that they were not suitable or cannot meet Dc needs, at some Dc did a trial day, we did not set out looking for independent place, we looked at all the LA suggested (state and special schools) and none were suitable hence the option to look at independent mainstream schools.

statusquo Fri 16-Nov-12 22:58:36

T3009 what schools have you visited and are your options different from that of the LA and can his needs be met at the LAsuggested schools.

T3009 Fri 23-Nov-12 22:25:02

statusquo - we have visited independent schools and doing state schools next week. DS is only 3yr 9 months and we're still finalising the statement- which says mainstream nursery - this statement will be reviewed in 6 months and at this stage we'll have to name the school.
We have preference for independent school due to size of class etc - can you give any ideas how we could achieve this please; would be extremely appreciated.
We are also planning to visit special schools in the area.
DS is High Functioning and hence we'll get an independent ed pschy report ahead of review meeting to support choice of school.

statusquo Sun 25-Nov-12 10:25:31

well, when we started we had no preference, as we wanted any school that will support DC to attain his potential etc, so we were open minded really, why your preference for independent school? we did it the other way round, visited all state schools, then special schools and then independent school at teh very last minute ( all the others could not offer us a place, and did not want the private schools to cloud our judgement - very easily done). LA would want to see evidence - written evidence from all the state schools and special schools that says they cannot provide a place. they did so in our case. However if state and special schs cant offer DC a place, and independent can - then you are half way there. the psych report need identify the need to small class and why, note not all high functioning children need the small class, a few can be taught and supported in large class mainstream. However do note that you will likely go to tribunal to get this. Remember a Psych report is not specfically for independent placement, but gives more info into what support you DC should have in any school placement. and note some independent sch might say they can provide - could be money driven , so you need to do you research properly or else you will be fighting with them to get the provisions implemented properly- more hard work - as they follow their own processes unlike state schools etc. so its all about getting the right place.

T3009 Sun 25-Nov-12 14:04:19

Hi, thanks for the very useful info. Well the preference for independent school is primarily due to the small class size, my DS performs better in a small group and also I would like my ABA shadow to be present in the classroom - which I understand can be quite difficult in state mainstream these days. Our ABA consultant and therapists all agree that my my DS will perform better in small setting.

But like I said, we will also visit the state schools this week and ask if they can support my DS - in line with the statement.

LA would want to see evidence - written evidence from all the state schools and special schools that says they cannot provide a place. they did so in our case - this is exactly what I wnated to ask you, why could they not meet your child's needs - are you happy to share this info

We have visited few independent schools and DS will take the tests in January -We are happy to pay the school fees if we have to, but if we can get some funding, partial, that would be helpful. So far we have ABA on the statement via negotiation with the LA - not been to tribunal.

We will try negotation first and take it from there. We have a lawyer on board to advise us as to the procedures.

Any chance we could speak. I have emailed you.

colettemum3 Wed 28-Nov-12 23:55:34

I have recently moved my 14 year old daughter from a specialized residential school for communication difficulties to a nearish similar type of school which she attends as a day pupil.
My daughter was getting increasingly unhappy, she had been there for 3 years and had NO friends. She lost trust in the staff and was starting to dislike them.
One day i just had enough with the underhanded tactics that the staff pulled and just rang my LEA up saying how easy would it be to transfer her.
Caseworker asked why and i said that my daughter was unhappy, that she wasn't making much progress academically wise (which was mainly true) she was getting bullied and as the other school was cheaper.

It took about a term but she started at her new school in September and so far she's been really happy and has seemed to made friends. The school is nearer which is good and she goes in the taxi with a lad she knew from her 'junior' special school.

statusquo Sun 02-Dec-12 10:02:51

Hi Collettemum3, thanks, I rang LA & ParentPartnership, advised to ask for an interim review and discuss with all after I have firm confirmation of school place. So here we go after the holidays

colettemum3 Sun 09-Dec-12 17:16:59

Good Luck!!!
I didn't even ask for an interim review, i just wanted her out :D

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