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School not following statement - help!

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Pennina Mon 15-Oct-12 18:33:55


I'm new - looking forward to getting to know you all. I've 2 children, DD is 8 and has HF autism (but not Aspergers!) and has a SEN. Both children are at the same mainstream school. (my son is 7 and doesn't have any SN issues). We got a good statement for DD in Reception. She's now in Year 4. All was fine but in Year 3 things started to slide with the school. They are not always providing support for DD despite the statement providing for full time support. Because of DD's condition this is not good for her - she needs continuity in order to thrive. She does manage very well but that's not really good enough, the statement is there to help her do more than "just manage". The school were also required to set up a social skills group and because some School Action Plus kids needed some social skills support too, a group was set up. However, in the last term of year 3 the teacher left and now here we are a 1/2 term later and the teacher hasn't been replaced and they've got no one on the staff suitable to run this group so she is not getting the Social Skills support that she should have. DD's very good support has left on maternity leave and now DD is just getting random support from whoever is available. The school had ample notice of this maternity leave and still I'm being told that it's all very difficult and that they're doing their best to sort something out. Sorry this is so long. Can anyone advise on the best and most effective course of action if a school doesn't comply with the statement requirements?


eatyourveg Tue 16-Oct-12 18:06:02

see here I would talk to the senco first or the HT and tell her you are concerned, ultimately it is not the school but the LEA who are responsible for making sure provision specified in the statement is provided, so tell school if they are not able to put provision in place themselves, you intend writing to the LEA giving notice that should the provision not be reinstated immediately or within a reasonable period (you could suggest by the first day back after half term) you will seek a judicial review

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