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Boarding School for Son on Autistic Spectrum

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Sandybay Sun 07-Oct-12 01:27:24

Hi all, I'm new to Mum's net, my 11yr old DS is on the autistic spectrum, he's not severe but does need help with academics and misses some social cues. He has no behavioral issues but can be pretty 'autistic' in the way he views certain things. He's currently at a school in Hong Kong but I'm afraid they are not able to cater to his needs. Its a school that's just starting out and the very inexperienced teacher he has this year has no clue on how to deal with an autistic child. Mind you, 75% of the class has some SEN but she just cannot understand how to deal with them. The academics are poor and I'm worried that its going to be a year of non-learning. Last week I went in to class and all his homework was left undone, unchecked stashed in his desk. There is no way I can send him to another school as the waiting lists are soo long over here, it takes years. Some schools, you have to register at birth. On top of that, the mainstream schools here do not want to admit him when they see he has a diagnosis of Autism. Believe me, I've tried. And I don't blame them as they may not have the resources.
Yet, my DS is not too bad, he's a lovely boy and at an initial look you might not even think there's anything wrong with him until you sit down and perhaps do some Maths with him!
I was wondering if there is a boarding school in the UK that we can send him to. Not a school for severe autism but one that give him the extra help in a more mainstream setting. All advice would be greatly appreciated.
I've heard of Standbridge Earl. Does anyone have any experience?
Thanks so much!

quoteunquote Sun 07-Oct-12 12:54:14

you have a PM.

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