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Which Mainstream schools in the St Helens, Ashton & Warrington area would you send your child who has SEN to, if it didn't 'have' to be a Special School

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sweetteamum Thu 04-Oct-12 15:06:21

I'm currently throwing lots of ideas around my head, whilst waiting for the LEA to decide if they will assess (& statement) my DC.

Ideally in the St Helens, Haydock, Newton, Ashton & Warrington areas

I'd like to hear all the good & bad stories and experiences and need a very sympathetic school, rather than an intimidating one!

I'm not asking for much am I? blush

I hear Culcheth have an inclusion unit

I've heard Hope Academy may help

I've been told St Cuthbert's, St Helens is good

lastly, I believe St Gregory's are good too

I refuse to just go off Ofsted (bad previous experiences) reports.

crappypatty Sun 11-Nov-12 18:11:11

Only just seen your thread, De la Salle have an ASD unit attached. You do have to have a dx, but you don't need a statement

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