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No idea what they tested for...

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Feminine Thu 27-Sep-12 09:47:31

Its a long story, but to make it a bit shorter...

We moved from a totally different (US) school system in the spring.

DS is in YR4 , last term his teacher wanted to flag up his concentrating skills. This term his new teacher has.

Last week the SEN department head, asked me if I would sign a piece of paper allowing him to be tested? "to see if we can help him better in school"

I asked her what did they suspect he needed help with, and she said she didn't know at this point confused

So, last week he took the test, like all 9 year olds , he remembered a bit of the test, lots of reading ...and a test with his fingers touching the thumb?

Apparently we/ they won't get the results for another 3 weeks, and its got me wondering...

Anyone have any ideas please smile

Feminine Thu 27-Sep-12 14:10:27

Bump smile

sununu Thu 27-Sep-12 14:21:03

my son is dyspraxic, in his assessments I do remember him being asked to touch the doctor's finger, then his own nose, and touching finger to thumb... but can't really speculate from what you've said. I imagine they might be screening for a wide variety of issues, but they really ought to be communicating better I would say. can you ask to talk to them again? who actually assessed him - someone from outside school?
in a very general way though I would say that you might feel resistant to having your child labelled with a problem (not assuming though!) but for those of us who have fought for intervention it is good to have someone paying attention and potentially offering extra help.

Feminine Thu 27-Sep-12 18:22:20

sun oh no, I don't mind and I am grateful also.

I'm just wondering what they are looking for, I think the school must have some idea...

Yes, you are right, its probably difficult to get anything from what I've written, after all I didn't wink

I think I'll go in to school in the morning and have a little chat. smile

Thanks for your reply.

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