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Worried about 4 year old DD

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Cheekychops84 Mon 03-Sep-12 19:22:45

my 4 year old I think is different she is very stubborn and difficult well actually she has just turned 5 and is in full time school ( youngest in class as she is August baby so will b going in year 1)

Firstly she is left and right handed teacher says this affects her writing. She also can't read yet well a few words but is behind others in class.

She also doesn't answer sometimes like simple questions " do u want this one? " " what do you want for dinner this or this ?" she jus will not answer very annoying

She bit her cousin last week deep marks I had a big talk about how you shouldnt do this this was very naughty etc and her cousin was even crying she is 10! I also said she couldn't play at the neighbours as a punishment etc . She bit my dad today! So embarrassing

Her older sister is 7 younger is 4 weeks . It could b behaviour over new baby but this has been happening well before baby came along.

Any advise especially with the biting

AngryFeet Mon 03-Sep-12 19:30:23

I wouldn't worry about the reading. Lots of them don't get it until well into year 1. DS is only just starting to be able to blend sounds and he is at the same stage as his sister was when she left reception. She is a free reader now she is starting Y3 and had 'got it' by xmas in year 1.

Is her hearing ok?

DS has started biting recently. He has some sensory issues though (he is 5.6).

Does she have an SEN/SN traits that might need to be assessed?

Cheekychops84 Mon 03-Sep-12 19:40:26

Think her hearing is fine ? As she plays fine with her sister when they aren't arguing etc. I'm not sure if the biting is to get attention as I have been spending a lot of time with the baby (breastfeeding) I make a point of sitting her next to me and helping with the baby etc and she loves to hold her which she does often. She has been labelled as ambidextrous as she uses both hands and swaps often when drawing. I haven't actually asked her to b assessed her teacher didn't seemed too concerned but in get report it also said she "she is quiet with adults" which I think is because she doesn't answer?

Cheekychops84 Mon 03-Sep-12 19:41:39

Oh also after this long talk about biting she then the next day bit
My dad hard on his back sad

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