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cece Sat 19-May-12 09:59:02

Does anyone know anything about this please?

cece Sun 20-May-12 12:14:26


Everhopeful Sun 07-Oct-12 00:24:27

I know a little, only by accident. I've been worried about DD - she's REALLY bright, but the scores don't show it. Don't get me wrong, she's never been less than average, just simply that she seems to find it so hard to prove. Reading is way ahead, but writing is seriously crap (quality is fine for what you can read if you ignore all the mistakes) and now that she's in Y6, it's starting to show.

Symptoms for dysgraphia you can find on, but you'll possibly have seen for yourself that the letters are poorly formed, seldom in a straight line, stray capital letters popping up (she says "Yes, I know how they should be used, but they're easier to write!") and she has no sense of direction worth a mention. There are a few others, but it's a really tough one to prove, especially if your kid isn't particularly behind.

Why are you concerned?

Sandybay Sun 07-Oct-12 01:52:44

My younger DS has Dysgraphia. We could not even read what he was writing! It was such a mess! The teacher he had thought he was lazy and didn't want to put in effort in his presentation!
So we decided to seek professional help.
We were recommended to encourage him to type which has helped tremendously! I think there are typing programmes that's quite fun like Dance Mat Typing. According to the psychologist we saw, with a diagnosis of Dysgraphia, you are entitled to type and also legally allowed 30mins extra time during exams.
Occupational therapy was also mentioned but we didn't do it.
DS has to plan and write a draft and then re-write it. As you can imagine, the draft is horrendous but then he's done all that thinking and doesn't need to think anymore, then he can concentrate on writing it neatly the 2nd time round. Time consuming but it helps him sort his thoughts out.
Sorry, English is not my strong point but hope you can understand what I'm saying.

Everhopeful Mon 08-Oct-12 14:29:45

Thanks Sandybay - we were recommended back in Y1 to try getting her to type (I liked Dance Mat Typing too), but she got bored. Now you can't tell she ever did it, she's SO slow...there's another thread that says I might be able to go via GP to get a diagnosis. At least then I'll know if I'm just being neurotic!grin

Sandybay Tue 09-Oct-12 01:48:27

My DS would not do any typing initially. But after the diagnosis, we sat him down and had a serious talk with him. We stressed that he has to help himself overcome this and typing would help him tremendously. He was also very slow at typing but its coming along. He spends a few of weeks on each level, We told him that there's no point rushing, he has to master the current level before moving on. I make him do it Mon to Fri before he sets off for school and it started off with a reward after each session but now I don't need to reward him anymore. Its become routine.
The psychologist recommended a typing programme - Click-art. I think you have to pay for it. Perhaps that might help.
Perhaps calling up the G.P and asking if he screens kids for Dysgraphia might help. And don't worry about neurotic - we all are when it comes to our kids. After all that I been though I can safely say Better safe than sorry!

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