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Best school in Kent for ADHD support?

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MovingbacktoEngland Fri 20-Apr-12 15:53:38

Anyone know a school which offers good support for ADHD? Preferably in area around Ashford or east of there up to Canterbury, but I will look further afield. I need to find a school for my 9 year old son who has ADHD (medicated) - he needs in class support for maths and occasionally throughout the day to bring him back on task and help him remember instructions. He also has poor writing and will need to learn keyboard skills soon.
Thanks for any info!

kittycat68 Fri 20-Apr-12 19:22:26

there is a special school called wyvern. Howvere avoid it like the plague! this school has been closed for abuse then reopened after all staff went on training courses etc, nothing proven apparently so re opended.
i know parents thAT SENT THERE CHILDREN THERE. and they were adamdant it was going on. Also know that staff there have previously had abuse allegations made about them out side of the school.

JuliaScurr Fri 20-Apr-12 19:31:35

dd went to Temple Mill in Medway; she isn't SN but was a school refuser. A couple of her friends there had ADHD. The SN provision seemed good, def cured dd of anxiety.
A couple of others have similar ethos - Sherwin Knight and Chattenden. They're a bit out of your area, but might advise you?
Good luck

kittycat68 Fri 20-Apr-12 19:38:06

MEDWAY AREA A BIT OUT OF MY REMIT TBH, know the ashford area. are you looking for mainstream school secondary then? also do you have statement for your son.

MovingbacktoEngland Sun 22-Apr-12 12:17:38

he's probably a mainstream boy and no - no statement at the moment- he's schools action plus. Please tell me about the Ashford area - this is probably our first port of call - mainstream primary is what we're looking for (he is 9 and a half) - he is quite an anxious boy and takes some settling in to new situations so I really want to get this right

mareljulie Tue 17-Nov-15 06:45:21

"moving back to england" Could you let me know what school you settled on for your son. I am returning to england with 4 grandchildren and 2 are ADHD and the others require extra attention,

We need primary and secondary education.

I would appreciate any feedback anyone has for us.

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