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Spectrum - what help to get in the classroom in Y1?

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katgod Tue 25-Oct-11 13:36:49

This is for my friend who is not a MNetter - I have said she needs to sign up to access all this information. Here goes anyway. DC is in Y1. Reception teacher said there was no problem, all normal, BUT he was sent out for being 'naughty' and Mum is sure there is something not right. He has been assessed by LA Children's Centre and they say some of the symptoms and on the spectrum but not sufficiently so as to do anything about it. Y1 teacher has kept a diary of worrying incidents, and requested meeting with parents. Mum wants help, wants strategies and wants him to achieve his full potential. He holds his breath in class if he does not understand what is going on - endlessly repeats the question if does not know the answer. Was terrified by the fire alarm and ran away and got lost in the school. SENCO appears to be useless. I have been looking through these threads to see if can glean anything at all of use for my friend - what is an IEP? she has not mentioned that and so I don't think he has one.
What else can I say to give some background that might help someone advise - in no particular order: he is a dear child, happy overall at school, has a few close friends, but does not really 'get' what school is all about - it is almost like it goes over his head. He has zero road sense or sense of danger. He can read and write. He is very tidy. He is a bit'geeky' about space and planets. Mum bypassed the SENCO and spoke to head - he just shrugged his shoulders and said there's no help and othing we can do. Is that really it? Even when class teacher says she does not know how to deal with him?

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