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5plus2equals7 Thu 06-Oct-11 21:11:39

I am after some advice so here is my story ......
My DD1 nearly 10 didn't speak until she was three later discovered hearing problems still has grommets now , when she started school had very little attention span {now put down to hearing} ed psych reviewed her but just said she was immature for her age ....

So here we are in year 5 still finds school a massive struggle below the national average and still can't number bond to twenty [maths is her biggest struggle] Friends she has none been into see ht today to discuss my concerns about her inability to make and maintain friends he said he has been watching DD {knowing I was coming in] and she wanders around almost aimlessly ,she craves adult attention all the teachers know her ,she is very bubbly almost over friendly which I know puts people off [iyswim ] if things arent giong her way with her peer group she has been knowed to lash out ... School are going to give her more support and learning regarding behaviour he suggested I go to my GP and seek her some outside support regarding her inability to socialize has anyone else experiencing what I am all advice help gratefully recieved ..... Thank You

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