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ASD DS. Returning to UK. Assessment?

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DeepDeepDown Fri 30-Sep-11 10:34:22


DS (almost 13) and I have been living abroad for 18 months, but wanting to return to the UK.

DS used to be in a special school before we moved and their recommendation was that, if he were to stay in the UK, that he attend a mainstream school, with support.

So, he's been in a mainstream (English-speaking) school since we moved, but we've struggled to find extra support/assistance available (in this non-English-speaking part of the world).

Just wondering where to start with it all. I mean, if we apply to schools directly explaining the situation, would they assess his needs if he were to get a place? Or, is it possible somehow to get a private (unbiased) diagnosis? Or, do I contact the LEA first?

Hoping someone can show me a little light.

Many thanks in advance for any reponses.

IndigoBell Fri 30-Sep-11 14:55:06

You need to get a statement through the LEA. I presume you could apply for that as soon as you have an address. The statement gives the school extra money to support your DS, eg for her to have so many hours 1:1 a week.

A dx is nothing to do with a statement. A dx just says that your DS has ASD.

Does he already have a dx?

I would ring the LEA that you're intending to move to, and ask them for their advice.

I'd also ring the parent partnership of the LEA you're intending to move to and ask them.

Also SOS SEN and IPSEA can provide advice.

DeepDeepDown Sat 01-Oct-11 09:20:21

Thanks for your response, IB.

DS does have a diagnosis of ASD (through a multi-agency meeting when he was 3).

I rang the LEA yesterday and was told that until we have a UK address there's nothing they can do. We need to move back to the UK before any assessments take place. This could take 6 weeks in which DS would be without education.

We're looking into getting DS privately assessed/diagnosed by someone who has a wider field of knowledge re public/private (sn) schools as we're prepared to go private if best for DS.

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