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whiskeylover Sun 11-Sep-11 13:53:26

hi all, i may be in the wrong area, so forgive me!
ds had his sparted speach therapy focusing on C and T sounds. they have asked me to get him to try to show that he can tell the differnce between 2 words and place the appropriate one on the right anyway, i need words that i can print a pic and he can use that to show he can tell the difference. ie, a pic of a cat onto the right pile for C and a pic of a tap on the pile for T.
so what words can i use that wont confuse him?
are there any online places i can look so i use the right words for the activity?
hope some of that makes sence!!

Wordswell Wed 21-Sep-11 00:28:09


Do look at and e-mail me if you need more.

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