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Requesting an assessment

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Vallhala Thu 08-Sep-11 12:23:25

Please can you help me? I'll fill the web if I relate the whole story so will keep this as brief as poss and assume that you'll all ask if you need to know more. smile

Essentially I'd like to know the following please:

1. How long and detailed does a first request for assessment need to be - am looking at writing something according to IPSEA's pro-forma letter.

2. Should I get our GP to write in support? If so when, now or later when asked?

3. Should I ask anyone else to write in support?

4. I know it will vary tremendously but what's the overall feeling from parents about contacting the school head for support prior to writing to the LA for assessment? Sure, it's a courtesy, but does it help or hinder?

In my case the head has lots of facts on file but 14 yo DD only started at this school properly this week (having had a few odd days there last term to get to know the school) so the headmaster and his staff don't really know her as yet.

Will he be likely to try to dissuade me or push me into agreeing into SA or SA+? (IMVHO SA/SA+ might have worked 3 years ago when I asked DDs previous school for help and was effectively told to feck off and called a liar but it's FAR too late now and serious assessment and help from outside is IMHO essential, hence I'm not up for agreeing to anything less).

DD has joined this state mainstream school following a couple of terms at an independent, charitable school for severely bullied children. Their staff are just marvellous and their support to us both ongoing so whatever I write I will cc to both that school's coordinator (who has the role of student support and an MA in psychology, helpfully smile ) and their founder, a very hands-on lady whom DD and I both know and who is known to the LA for her outspoken - although often unwelcome - determination to see the best results for children like DD. I'm hoping that their support will carry some weight with my application.

Oh, and lastly, is this the right/best place for this thread?

I think I'll shut up now, but thank you in advance. smile

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