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Anyone with a Dyslexic Child, Does this sound familiar??

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LittleJennyRobyn Thu 04-Aug-11 11:16:46

Sorry this is long...please bear with me.
DD aged 8 has always struggled with academics, was slow learning to read and write and didn't really grasp it until she was about 6. When she started in reception she would memorise the book rather than read it.
Can read very well now although she has a habit of adding words that are not there, missing words that are and replacing words for something similar. If she takes time to look at the words she is usually fine.

However the big problem is handwriting. I had concerns for her last year (yr2) but dismissed it as alot of the children in the class were having same problems and put it down to poor teaching.

But having gone through her literacy books for this past year (yr3) There doesn't seem to be much improvement, Her handwriting is very scruffy with attrocious spelling.
She seems to know how to spell the words verbally but trying to write them down is another kettle of fish. For instance she wrote a story which contained the word chickens.

It was written as, chickns, chickings,and chioinns
Some other examples;
Indentify / idteniky,
Fire / fier, fere, kier
Favourite / frqvrite, favrout, favriete
Village/ vilese
Naughty/ natheney
There are words that she seems to know what letters they need to have but cant get the right order. Like Blue / bleu and Bear/ baer
Even simple word like, "and" can come out as "ane", the as t or th
And of course there are words that dont make sense, so not sure what she was trying to spell. IE, cartoins, immayeneerly, fechits...i couldn't work out the context.

She has some random sentances that dont make sense ie,
I to na mut iv / reape aftar me hock strock hoch. ????

Then she has a written paragraph which is mostly spelled correctly but the words dont make sense.

Grandma said wheres my medicine coming goumpy old grandma her but grandma gots make and smaller until she disaperd

she has a big problem with putting random capital letter into words and seems to struggle with T/F/L/K, often merging two together. Some letters are upside down (although not often) and its only Z she gets back to front.

Theres not one page that doesn't have a ton of mistakes on it, but the only thing her teacher has commented on is the random capital letters.
They dont do spelling lists at school and teachers dont seem to correct mistakes. So how is she going to know that it isn't correct?

She hates written work with a passion and homework always turns into a huge battle if she has to write long paragraphs, on a computer she is fine. In fact she hates reading at home as well especially if there are too many pages.

I did suspect she may have ADHD/dyspraxia when she was younger (before school age) as she had/ has possible signs over the years, again i thought i was barking up the wrong tree as it was only some on the checklist not all.

Can anyone shed some light as all i know is what i have read on the net.
Does this sound familiar.??

KATTT Thu 04-Aug-11 12:01:17

If you get her to 'learn' to spell half a dozen phonetic words, and if she tried really hard to get them right - would she be able to do it? Try consonant vowel consonant (CVC) cat, dog, hat, and then some CCVC - slat, slot.

I only ask because it may just be that she can't get things down quick enough or she can't be bothered to get it right (sorry don't mean to sound awful, but writing may bore her).

If she can't do it however hard she tries and can't get that the second sounds in the words onwards are incorrect - then it might be dyslexia.

LittleJennyRobyn Thu 04-Aug-11 12:27:19

Hi Katt ,

Not sure if she would get them right or not but concentration is an issue and as soon as i mention practicing spelling she runs a mile and refuses point blank.

Will try to get her to practice, because thats the thing she does know the correct spellings verbally (mostly), but you may be right in the fact it may just be sloppy handwriting and rushes to finish because she doesn't enjoy it.

I dont really want to put a label on her but but if she needs extra help then i need to speak to school when she goes back in september.

KATTT Thu 04-Aug-11 12:57:40

It would be good to know where she is with her National Curriculum levels and whether she is making progress (one sub level per term). If she's behind with writing (presumably) I would ask that she has an Individual Eduction Plan that sets out clear, achievable targets and includes regular reviews (every 4 weeks) with you and teacher.

This is called 'School Action' and is the first stage of intervention to help a child who is struggling.

One thing I've found is that a child will work much better at school, during school time, with a teacher than at the end of the day with parent, so if you can get the school to do this (it's what they're meant to be doing) it will be better for you and your relationship with your daughter.

LittleJennyRobyn Fri 05-Aug-11 12:20:13

I've Just found her end of year report, and for handwriting she has a level 2b,
which according to the chart at the end of year 3 should be 3c.

It also states in the progress section she requires significant support and intervention but the teacher has never expressed any issues to me at all over the year. It was only on bringing her literacy books home at the end of year that i realised there is very little improvement from year 2 to the end of year 3. Despite never missing a parents evening and mentioning concerns over handwriting.

I do not know what kind of support and intervention she is having as again this has never been discussed with me. I asked DD and she says that she works alone and doesn't have any help.

I also showed her, her books, i pointed out her mistakes and asked to tell me where the mistakes were she was able to tell me mostly the correct spellings,
and what the nonsenical sentances were supposed to say. She clammed up after five minutes and refused to discus it any further.

But i did ask her if she finds writing confusing and she said no but has admitted that because she dislikes it so much she rushes to finish.....i think you hit the nail on the heead in your first reply, In her hurry its comes out sloppy and jumbled. She finds it tedious and would much rather being doing creative stuff...which she loves.

I will be going to see her new teacher at the start of year 4 and and find out if there is an IEP in place which i doubt very much and will work to get her extra help, She needs help sooner rather than later as i dont want her to fall any further behind.

Thankyou so much for your advice as i really didn't know about any school action smile
I am a bit miffed why previous teachers have never mentioned any concerns.
They seem to really push the reading aspect at school and we are expected to read almost every day with them. it seems to take priority over written work but Imo writng is just as important.

Thanks Again

KATTT Fri 05-Aug-11 16:11:27

Good luck.

(If you don't feel the school are responding to your concerns, there's a book called Special Education Needs Code of Practice - free from 0845 60222 60. Don't be put off by the 'special needs' in the title - it outlines what schools are required to do to help children who are having educational difficulties)

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